The Rise of the Party Bus!

Over the past few years the transportation industry has changed. Limo’s have now merged with normal everyday Buses and have become a giant in many cities called Party Buses. Now we know Uber has disturbed the Taxi industry with its disruptive technology, can Party Buses do the same and keep companies on their toes? Now I hope you good folks out there reading this do not go out there and steal my idea, (: . Just Joking I really see this industry expanding and growing at an uncontrollable rate. With a fun time on a bus and being driven around in style does come with it’s downside, and there have been.

Many states are still trying to understand Party Buses and how regulation can help prevent underage drinking among other illegal activities that may occur on Party Buses. Some companies in different Cities have been cited for many offenses and Buses pulled off the road until they fix their issues. Don’t get me wrong not all companies are bad, there are reputable companies out there that are awesome. I recently visited Boston and came across a owner who had concerns of getting a bad name because of a couple of bad apples. I never actually took a ride on his Bus but I knew he was a solid guy so I promised him I would help with his name.

If you are ever in Boston, Ma check out this Party Bus company, they will most certainly take care of you tell them I referred you. The Rise of the Party Bus is definitely in full effect and even with some legal issues they will never slow down, they are in full stride making bank. Many cities have seen new companies debut to killer nights so why not enjoy it when you can.

Party Buses can answer all of your entertainment needs, ranging from Weddings, Birthdays, Sweet 16 and many more experiences. Some companies even agree to setup customized buses to your liking. My buddy out in Boston is sailing a tight ship and is doing whatever it takes to dominate the Party Bus Industry. He runs Ad’s pretty much anywhere he can and runs promotional events like, “Free Hour Rides” he is awesome.

I am on a mission to try out every Party Bus in every City, sounds crazy but I want to help out all good business owners out there. I will ride as many buses as I can and write reviews on them, not fake reviews but real solid stuff. Now I know you must be asking yourself, why would you be wasting time doing that? Some People like to travel, I like to party that simple! I love to party so why not work and party at the same time?

In a nutshell Uber is changing the Taxi game, how can the Party Bus change the Limo game? I have more ideas but I will save it for the next post I put up. I don’t want to give away all my knowledge. Just keep in mind the rise of the Party Bus is here so get Uber smart either party with them or run your own Party Bus Company. Your Choice! Party On!


Differences in Markets

I wanted to speak on some differences, Big Market vs Small Market. I will give two examples throughout this text, I will be comparing the Boston, Ma market to the Arnold, Mo market. You are probably like what in the heck are you talking about? Why did you select these two obviously different markets, there are no similarities! Of course not, the point is to show you how two completely opposite places are good at what they do on different levels. Lets Start with the big boy Market BOSTON!

Boston, Ma is the capital and has roughly about a half a Million people living there, that number is amazing! The history is rich in Boston and many tourist that come through every year. The sites are a beautiful ,from the Old State House, Boston Commons, Charles River and many more sites its just amazing! You also have all the sports teams that rock out there! Boston Red Sox, The Boston Bruins, Celtics and of course the Great New England Patriots!

There is so much to be said about Boston and what they offer, not only are the sports teams great and the sites awesome but they do also have another notch under their reputation belt! Not to mention they have great Clam Chowder!

Boston’s Healthcare system and School system are top notch best in the country actually! Schools are Harvard, MIT, Berklee just to name a few. The Boston Healthcare system and state program Masshealth is what helped president Obama build out his Obamacare plan! Well the concept was used for universal healthcare throughout the country. It has been proven to work in Massachusetts so why not the entire U.S.

Alright enough about Boston and its wonderful sites and reputation, now lets move on to a very small town in Missouri, Arnold.

Arnold Missouri is a town with roughly 20,000 people and is the largest town in Jefferson County. It’s history may not be as rich but it also holds its own weight when it needs to. In 2009 President Obama made an appearance to Arnold when his 100th day in office hit.

Arnold is also know for all of their local small businesses and loyal customer base. Families throughout Jefferson County have been in ┬ábusiness dating back to the 1990’s. Small Businesses range from Carpenters, Electricians, Mom and Pop shops that have been around forever. Click here to check out a family owned Carpet Cleaning business that has been around forever.

The town name derives from the original settler Arnold Jean Baptiste. He made some sort of deal with the King of Spain to be allowed to take his Ferry across the Meramec River. He than settled and bought land and owned it for a very long town giving folks the opportunity to thrive.

You can tell just from this blog post that Boston & Arnold are two totally different places. They have their own respective history behind them, roots and values. This is written for the folks that live in the big city, or a small town to show you that there is a whole world out there to be discovered.

The only thing I want my readers to take from this blog is research and discover new people, places and things, its out there!


Book flights now!

If you plan on to travel to Las Vegas in the coming weeks/months you better research or book your flights like TODAY! Just think about it you would be dealing with Prom season possibly Bachelor/Bachelorette parties May going into June seems to be when Vegas gets hit with tourist. There are also a numbered of events going down within these next couple of months. I am stressing this fact because I am personally looking around and comparing prices to Vegas sometime in June. I am hoping to score a deal and score it soon!

I am currently using a couple of online tools and I thought of consulting with a travel agent, not sure what to do yet I am still on the fence. I am just hoping to go out to Vegas and enjoy my function, the date I am aiming for is June the 20th. The big problem with that is that the Electric Daisy Carnival is that weekend and that event can get crazy. The EDC is a long weekend event that consists of staying awake all night and most importantly taking up all the traveling real estate. BOOK NOW!! I had to share this little bit of info and anxiety with the world because I was feeling out of pocket and really worried about how I would pull this off..

If anyone out there can point me in the right direction in terms of when and where to book please reach out to me via my contact page. I would love and appreciate the info, please respond ASAP..Thank you and safe travels. See you all in Vegas!


Hi to all my readers I want to keep this Blog site as up to date and authentic as possible. I personally wanted to write about the transportation biz in my city and how it is freaking changing everyday. Now for instance Uber has came on to the scene with disruptive technology and drove the taxi industry nuts! Now think about it you pull out your phone equipped with a app and request a ride and instantly you are provided with Instant gratification. I don’t think it gets better than that. There are people out there who hate Uber and Love Uber, its all personal preference if you ask me.

Uber is and will not get away from what it does best provide top notch service at a fair price. Now imagine this, I might be giving away too much info but what if Uber jumped into the Party Bus game? I think they would kill it, that is a scary thought. You do have people who believe that the Party Bus game is dying and its all Shuttle picking up and dropping off. Now like I said before its all personal preference and what you feel and want at a given moment. The Landscape is changing and will continue to do so.

I had a personal conversation with a Uber driver and he told me that it was much more profitable to be in the game earlier on and he believes it is beginning to get a little more saturated as more drivers on coming on board and working at peak times when surcharges are implemented. I personally think that transportation in my city will do just fine. Companies like Uber and Lyft are going to continue dominating the transportation game and as changes coming they continue to adapt.

If I could send a message to the traditional taxi companies its one word. ADAPT!

I will be back on my Blog with a fresh new Real Time Experience Post.



First Post

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my page I wanted to take to introduce our Blog page. Now on this page we may discuss various topics.

Some would call it “Real Time Experience” meaning we will be blogging about current events going on around the world. If you have any interesting topics you would to have discuss please let us know.

Hopefully our our next post will be of value for you and most importantly interesting to you, the reader! Thanks and enjoy and stay real!!!